December 23, 2015

Please be advised that there have been reports of thefts over the last two weekends at Gateway South Centre.

On Sunday, December 13th, unknown individuals gained access to the underground parkade and stole a vehicle, an ATV, and three bicycles from the bike cage. They gained entry to the secure parkade by using a resident’s garage fob. The security systems in place at Gateway South Centre were not compromised as they gained entry with an active fob. This fob has since been disabled. At this time, we would like to remind residents of the following:

 If any of your building fobs become lost or stolen, please report this information to Heather in the site office. She can disable the missing fob(s) immediately and that way, no unauthorized person will gain entry to the building with your lost fob. This is extremely important because this particular incident may have been avoided entirely had the lost garage fob been reported to Heather and then disabled.

 Do not leave your windows or doors open/unlocked in the parkade. Although the parkade is secure and only accessible by fob, people still manage to find their way inside and leaving your windows or doors unsecure makes your vehicle an easier target.

 If you see any suspicious activity or witness a crime in progress, please call the Police.

Additionally, on the weekend of December 18th, a car was broken into while parked in the South Visitor Parking lot, near the Holiday Inn.

If your bike was one of those stolen on December 13th, or if you have been affected in any other way by these thefts, please file a report with the Calgary Police Service. Video surveillance footage may be available as evidence for the Police

We are pleased to confirm that the legal action between Gateway South Centre and GC Capital with respect to the Geo Thermal system in our building has now been fully settled.

Both parties reached an agreement earlier in the year and this was presented at both callings of our AGM in April and May, and outlined with the special resolution that was sent to all owners and ran through May and June this year,

The outcome of the special resolution was an overwhelming positive vote, with over 420 units voting in favor of the resolution, which enabled the board to proceed as outlined and complete the settlement of the action.

The total settlement as outlined previously consisted part discount on the value of the Geo Thermal System with an early termination and buyout of the lease from GC Capital, and part cash.

The cash portion of the settlement amounted to approximately $400,000 and the board determined it appropriate to use 50% of this to reduce the total loan amount borrowed, with the other 50% being placed into our reserve fund with a specific allocation to the Geo Thermal system.

With the successful conclusion of the action we now own the Geo Thermal System as common property and all the associated claims associated with the action have been halted and removed against the corporation / Gateway South Centre.

Thank you for your support over the years and especially over the last few months as this long-standing issue has been successfully addressed.

Regards, your

Gateway South Centre Board

Dear Owners

June 15th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who has signed off on the Special Resolution.


We have received over 420 signed Special Resolutions with additional ones still expected, the count requried was 375.  We are now awaiting for an official count with Land Titles of Alberta; the legal suit is expected to be settled very shortly.

2015 Geothermal Legal Action & Settelment

As announced at the AGM the corporation has entered into a settlement with respect to the legal action against the developers for the Geothermal system.  This is great news as the settlement of $1,125,000 is in favour of the corporation.  It is part cash and part discount on the present value of the geothermal system placed against a buy out of the long-term lease.

The long-term lease has approx. 16.5 years to run and will cost owners approx. $5.7M over the remaining term with an option buy out and gain ownership only at lease end. 

The settlement commits the corporation to buy out the lease and gain ownership today for approx. $3.5M. 

The Special resolution requires 75% of owners to approve, so the corporation will be able to borrow the $3.5M to buy out the lease or, the alternative is to call a special assessment for the money, which would average $7,000 per condo. 

Please read the information sheet that is provided with the special resolution.

June 12, 2014

Unfortunately, there was a recent crime spree in underground parking where multiple storage lockers were broken into and many items were stolen.

This took place Monday evening (June 9th, 2014) at approximately 8:45pm and it has been confirmed that we have video footage of 3 individuals (an older male, younger male and younger female) in a white GMC Sierra. They drove in, parked their truck, loitered around the parkade scouting which lockers they were going to break into, then used bolt cutters to gain access into multiple lockers. The cameras caught them loading up their truck with various lockers contents, mainly winter tires and rims.

If you have been victim to any theft or possibly witnessed any of these people, please let the Condo Board ( know immediately. We will need you to make a police report. The criminals did not cover their faces, so any explanation of descriptions could be very helpful.  Again, Monday night 8:45pm, 3 people with a white GMC Sierra.

Along with recent vehicle break ins and storage locker break ins over the last few months, it has also been mentioned that homeless people have been sleeping in the parkade and they ripped a hole in the overhead exit door.

In order to deter vandalism and crime, maintaining properties and collectively monitoring one’s community is a must! (aka the theory of the broken window).  If you see any suspicious activity, notice any unwelcomed people or witness crimes taking place, please call the police immediately. You do not need to confront them, just call the police!

To help prevent unwanted people from gaining access into the parkade, after entering with your vehicle, stop and wait for the door to close so as to ensure no one slips in behind you. As mentioned before, there has been situations where cars will park at the bottom of the ramp in front of the doors waiting for people to come down the ramp, open the door and allow them access to the parkade.  Please be wary of this and keep back from the sensors so the doors do not open.

Even when using the mandoors to get in/out of the building, pipe up and ask what unit people are going to instead of just holding the doors open for them. It is not an invasion of privacy, it is being mindful of your property and ensuring random vagrants or petty criminals are not welcome.

C-Era and the Board have moved swiftly and the police have the footage and good descriptions of the thieves and the vehicle. The footage is downloaded to the police.

 Let’s all do our part to keep it safe.

February 10th, 2014

Parkade Thefts and Vehicle Break-ins

Our office was notified this morning of a vehicle break-in that took place over the weekend.  It is believed that nothing of extreme value was stolen, however, the vehicle was ransacked; personal documents and papers were scattered throughout.  The driver's and passenger's windows were found rolled down and the locks were picked on both sides.  The garage fob was stolen, however, it has been removed form the security system so it cannot be used to access the parade should someone come back to try and use it.


Ideas to mitigate vehicle break-ins

  • Lock all doors

  • Completely close all windows and sunroofs

  • Do not leave valuables visible (or in the car at all)

  • Do not tailgate or allow others to follow in behind

  • If your garage fob has been lost or stolen, please let the resident manager know so that it can be deactivated

There has been situations where cars will park at the bottom of the ramp in front of the doors waiting for people to come down the ramp, open the door and allow them access to the parkade.  Please be wary of this and keep back from the sensors so the doors do not open.


If you witness a crime taking place, please call 911

In addition the budget increase, the Board has approved a $600,000 special assessment to fund a number of significant projects which will be completed in 2014, as well as to recovery some of the over expenditures in 2013. The capital projects, including the pond repair and landscaping upgrades, will not be funded from the reserve fund as they relate to the remediation of construction deficiencies and upgrades, which are not included in the reserve study. Using the reserve fund would result in significant increases in the Corporation’s annual reserve fund contributions, resulting in higher fees. The remaining items are operational in nature and cannot be funded from reserves. The special assessment will be allocated as follows:


Project Budget

  • Pond Repair (including contingencies + GST $150,000.00

  • Interior Courtyard / Macleod Trail Green Space Upgrades (including contingencies + GST) $100,000.00

  • Legal and Engineering Fee Reserves $150,000.00

  • Recovery of 2013 Over Expenditures $95,659.16

  • Plumbing Auguring (including contingencies + GST) $92,000.00

  • Assessment Administration Fee (including GST) $12,340.84

  • Total $600,000.00


Pond Repair – The Board has reviewed the recently commissioned engineering report on the pond and four options to repair and remediate the issues were provided. The Board will solicit feedback from owners before determining which option should be selected. It was noted that the issues in the pond were due to deficiencies during construction including leaks in the waterproof membrane and that the repair and remediation of the pond should not be funded through the reserve fund. The Board noted that repairing the pond is not reflected in the reserve report and funding this project through the reserve fund would significantly increase reserve fund contributions in the short-term, significantly increasing fees. Copy of suggested options for feedback is included. This will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting which is tentatively scheduled for mid February 2014. Formal notices will be sent in January.


Interior Courtyard / Macleod Trail Green Space Upgrades – In 2013, the Board started to develop a long-term strategy to make improvements to the courtyard and Macleod Trail green space. This plan started off with restricting pets in the courtyard due to the damage they were causing. In 2014, the Board will review proposals for landscaping upgrades to the courtyard and Macleod Trail green space. These upgrades will improve the view for the units surrounding these areas, some amenities for the large lounge and the Board believes that this will result in increased unit values throughout the building.


Legal and Engineering Fee Reserves – As with the previous special assessment, the Board is setting aside funds for the expected legal and engineering fees related to the ongoing lawsuit. This reserve is expected to cover the costs for the upcoming discoveries.


Recovery of 2013 Over Expenditures – The Corporation was able to fund the over expenditures from the operating surplus from previous years. The Board has determined that a recovery of some of the over expenditures will continue to provide the Corporation with the flexibility needed in future years for potential over expenditures or unbudgeted projects.


Plumbing Auguring – This project was deferred in 2013 as there was no budget for the costs. As this is a one-time project, the Board determined that it would be funded through a special assessment. This project will begin immediately at the start of 2014. A copy of the quote is included for your review.


Administration Fees – Administration fees are set at 2% of the special assessment levied.

The special assessment will be due as follows:

-       One half by March 31, 2014

-       The remainder by September 30, 2014

The assessment will be allocated to each owner based on the same unit factors for condo fees at $60.00 per unit factor. This special assessment will provide the Corporation with the funds necessary to start these projects.

2014 Special Assessment