Gateway South Centre has two Owners Lounges and two Guest Suites that are available to rent for homeowners. Please take a moment to review the list of Rules and Regulations. 


Bookings are made via the Booking Request Form at the bottom of the page as well as through the Building Site Managers office, during office hours. However it is suggested you fill out the booking request.


Cheques are to be made payable to Gateway South Centre CCN 061 4475

Thank you!


1. Availability 9:00am to 12:00mid


2. Cost $0 to rent. There is no longer a damage deposit required, however, if there is damage or the lounge is not left clean, the cost of the repair or to clean will be charged back to the offending suite.


3. Maximum bookings are 7 days/year/suite; however, exceptions can be made if the lounge is not rented.


4. Maximum capacity - Lounge #1 is 50; Lounge #2 is 100.


5. There have been complaints in the building that some owners have been leaving the front door open for guests to enter. This is not allowed. There have been phones installed in both lounges so guests will be able to call and be let in via the buzzer (#2006 for lounge #1 and #2007 for lounge #2).


6. Liquor is allowed in the lounges during functions. A liquor license must be purchased (only) if you are selling the liquor. If required, you can purchase them at most liquor stores. The liquor is to be confined to the lounges only; any owner/renter who's guests are caught with liquor in the hallways will have their booking privileges revoked immediately.


7. The noise policy is in effect during functions, please remember that people live above, beside and across (from lounge #2); your consideration is appreciated. Due to the increased problems with late night parties, all bookings cannot exceed 12:00 midnight, please ensure your 'get together' is wrapped up by then.


8. Please note that candles and sparklers CAN set off the fire alarm in the builing. It has happened before. The cost for the fire department to come out and reset the panel is about $500 and can be charged back to the Unit involved.


9. When putting up signs or decorations within any common property please use Painters Tape. Any other tape may cause damage & you may be charged for said damage.


10. Pets are NOT allowed in the Lounges.

Guest Suites

1.  The cost to rent is $60/night.  Currently, Cheques are the only accepted methods of payment.  Cash & Credit card are no longer accepted.

2.  Maximum stay is 7 nights/year/unit; however, exceptions can be made if the suite is not rented.
3.  The suite consists of a double size sofa bed (you must provide sheets), a dresser, kitchen table and chairs, microwave, fridge & of course bathroom (you must provide towels and any personal hygiene supplies) - there is no phone or stove.  There are also bowls, glasses, cutlery, toaster as well as a small coffee pot.

4.  Please do not send your guests to rent to suites.  Waivers must be signed and payments are accepted by owners/residents ONLY. 

5.  Check-in/out times are as follows;
Check-in - 4:00 PM

Check-out - 11:00 AM (cleaners will be in shortly after)

6.  A cleaning service is now coming in to clean after each stay.  The only thing we ask is that the suite is left tidy.  If the suite is left in an un-tidy manner, you will be charged back for the cleaning.


8.  Pets are NOT allowed in the suites.


Gateway South Centre is not responsible for items left behind in Guest Suites or Lounges. Please do a final check before leaving.


Any cancellation that is received with less than 24 hours' notice (prior to the booking date) or no notice could be subject to a $25 processing fee, charged back to the suite.


There is a no-tolerance rule for noise as there have been several complaints around the lounges.  Please note that any complaint could result in a fine of $500 to $1,500 and if the police are called, a fine of over $1,500.  The lounges are not structurally built to withstand loud parties.  As well, all party guest are restricted to the lounges, any guests wandering the hallways and causing a disturbance, will not be tolerated.  If you feel you will not be able to control your guests, please reconsider and rent a hall.


A violation of any of these rules will not be tolerated.

Select Facility you would like to rent to check for availability.  Then fill & submit bookings request.
Please note:
  • Bookings can be done online or through the Building Site Office.  Weekend booking forms not signed (finalized) & in the office by 2pm Friday may be considered cancelled, as the office is closed weekends & Holidays.  It is the responsibility of the "booking suite" to finalize the booking.
  • We are now using a single Booking Request for all bookings.
  • Guest Suite check-in/out times:
        - Check-IN - 4:00 PM
        - Check-OUT - 11:00 AM  (Cleaners will be in shortly after)
Booking Forms

A Bookings Form must be completed, signed & turned into the office, by the owner/resident of the suite, at least 1 day (24 hours) before your booking, or it may be considered canceled.


Renters: remember your form must be accompanied by a signed letter from the owner of the suite stating their approval, at every booking.

Please print one, also available in office.

Please print, review & sign, stating that you understand these Regulations.