• Something burning in a suite - This is what the alarms are meant for and should do. Keep in mind these devices are sensitive for a reason; sparklers & candles will set them off. If determined a false alarm, it will be charged back to the offending unit for the Calgary Fire Department’s response; $500+ fine charged back to the unit. 


• A Pull Station is pulled - If pulled when not a fire emergency, it is classified as a false alarm and it will be traced back to the offending unit. They will be charged back for the Calgary Fire Department’s response; $1000+ fine charged back to the offending unit


• Disarming Strobe(s)/Horn(s) in units (usually in bedrooms) - This is a serious offence & could jeopardize fire safety for the entire building. Due to the seriousness of this offence under the Alberta Safety Code Act, any unit that has disarmed their in-unit Strobes/Horns will be fined, Fire Department’s response or not; $5000+ fine charged back to the offending unit. 





Our smoke detectors are checked annually, however, newer smoke detectors also have a battery that may need to be changed.  You will know to change the battery, (owner responsibility) when they intermittently start to chirp/beep. If your smoke detector does not use a battery or if changing the battery does not fix the problem, contact the Community Administrator, they will arrange to have it fixed. 



Please Note: Fire Alarms are no joke! They are here to protect us in the case of a fire. Every time there is a false alarm, The Calgary Fire Department responds and charges us when they are called out to our building for a false alarm.