The Storage Cage guidelines are outlined in the bylaws (section A)

Max size is approximately 4ft x 8ft, height may vary but must not encroach on any

mechanical, electrical or plumbing that runs above or beside the stall.

If the storage area is not a cage, it must be constructed with fireproof drywall, it

must have a sprinkler installed alongside electricity for lighting within the storage

the unit, the additional plumbing and electricity must be installed to code, which

requires city permits be obtained and work approved, because of this most people

build a cage.


With a cage, city fire code mandates no sides be covered with any opaque

materials, such as a tarp, so that contents remain visible for fire inspections


Should you choose to construct a storage unit, it must not take up so much space

that when parking a vehicle within the parking spot, the vehicle does not fit within

the boundaries, i.e. It must not stick out past the posts into the areas people walk

and drive in, in the parkade.